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Cloudability is hosting the first conference for FinOps this September, and I recommend we have members of the team attend.

CloudyCon will take place Sept 10 - 12 near San Francisco, and I really think our team should be there. As you know, the cloud is constantly changing, and we need to keep our skills updated to be as efficient as possible with our own cloud. CloudyCon is the best place for us to sharpen our cost optimization skills with real world stories, expertise and inspiration for and by FinOps leaders and practitioners – all aimed at helping FinOps community members and their teams become better at cloud financial management.

The conference will include workshops, breakouts and certification opportunities in partnership with the FinOps Foundation, which is a nonprofit community that exists to support FinOps leaders and practitioners in professional development and technical skill building.

Best of all, we’ll get the chance to interact with other practitioners in the FinOps space, including technology leaders, business executives, technical procurement managers, cloud financial analysts, cloud economists and finance operations professionals. These people have played crucial roles shaping the cloud journey in their organization, and it’s a great opportunity to share experiences and pick up new best practices.

CloudyCon offers two days of keynotes, as well as technical sessions presented by Cloudabilty customers, partners, and other FinOps community members. There’s also a full day of technical workshops, including a free FinOps certification workshop.

If we book before 24th July and take advantage of Early Bird pricing, we can attend for an estimated total cost of $2,500 per person.

Here’s the approximate cost breakdown:
Airfare: $500
Transportation: Complimentary shuttle offered by hotel
Hotel (3 nights, 9-11, at $375): $1125 plus tax
Additional Meals (breakfast and lunch included in conference fee): $80
Conference Fee: $1195 including workshop (Early bird of $720 before 24th July)

Total: $2,900

After the conference we can debrief the rest of the team and share the major techniques, key takeaways and action items we learn. We’ll be able to kick off new cost optimization initiatives and almost immediately show a positive ROI.

All of the details and sessions will be listed at on the CloudyCon site. If you’d like, we can sit down and divide up the sessions so the team can cover all the relevant topics we want to explore.

I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Thank you,


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